Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Just a little hint of ghetto today.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


On the first day back at uni for 2012, I skipped my 1.5 hour lecture to go to meeting in the evening but I went to go get my hair done in the afternoon at Style Corner. I got my regrowth re-dyed, I got foils put in for lighter shades of highlights, I got my hair layered and framing my face more, and I got my fringe trimmed. All that plus I bought a treatment for $190. Quite pricey but considering I go for 3 hours every 3 months or so, I guess it's bot too bad. I really like my hair dresser. She's really friendly and she makes my hair look good ^^ I would highly recommend her to all my friends :)

Guess the before and after photos underneath ! Nah jokes it's just that I'm blogging from my phone and I can't control the order the photos appear in D:

Also, slight OOTD post xD

Monday, February 20, 2012

San Churro

Dessert at San Churro after our Sake Bar Restaurant adventure. Sipping on Spanish hot chocolate and a milkshake, experiencing the bromance between a close group of friends.

Sake Bar Restaurant

Had a lovely meal with Jon at Sake Bar Restaurant on Saturday night. It was actually a super belated birthday meal for him so I was in charge of picking the place. He loves to try out new restaurants and he also loves Jap food so when I found out about Sake Bar, I knew it would be perfect. It's a new Japanese restaurant that opened up fairly recently on Francis Street, Northbridge. The exterior design gives a hint of what you can find on the inside, which is an amazingly traditional themed restaurant. Everything is beautiful inside the restaurant, from the mini bridge at the restaurant, to the tatami mats, to the uniforms and food !

We had soft shell crab tempura, tooth fish chilli misoyaki, saikyo misoyaki, and green tea for two. Our total bill was $72.70 so it was not too bad for a fancy Japanese restaurant.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A.S.I.A. Magazine

This is our masterpiece, it is my pride and joy. I know it sounds a bit silly but I was completely ecstatic when I first got the role of 'Head Editor of A.S.I.A.' I've heard someone say that I'm too committed to my club once, and maybe I do have too much club pride, but honestly, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I wouldn't say I'm very excessive when It comes to my club but I am thankful and proud to be a committee member of WA's largest international uni club, Asian Students In Australia.

Over the summer holidays, the other editors and I were working hard on creating our club's bi-annual magazine, Kaleidoscope. I loves our little meetings and randomly coming up with ideas when I was working or doing other things. The magazine was a lot of tough work but I must say, it was definitely worth it. The work was not evenly spread out between us editors and I have quite a few complaints I could make but I guess we should learn from our mistakes and work better as a team for the second semester magazine. Considering I had never seen touched photoshop at until recently, I'm quite proud of the work I did for the magazine :D

Truthfully, I didn't do thy much photoshopping but I think it was a good start ! I was more involved in coming up with the ideas for the magazine and putting my ideas onto paper. I also stressed a lot. I don't know why, but I somehow managed to panic about the magazine every night in bed, mentally raging at myself for not doing enough work for the magazine on that particular day and then panicking before falling asleep. Not healthy at all.

Now that the magazine has been printed into 2000 copies and have begun being distributed throughout the student body along with our club membership, I have to say, I am very proud of our effort. Success !

Murdoch Oday 2012

I went to my first Oday this year and it was pretty good. What's the uni club version of patriotic? That's kinda how I felt. On Thursday we finally got our A.S.I.A. shirts, the magazine came out and it was the first day our club was back and working together :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I had fun with my girls at Dragonfly the other night ! The venue was poorly ventilated so it was boiling hot inside and extremely crowded, as to be expected from dfly. We were dancing near the front stage most of the time where the smoke machines were but we ended up moving quite a bit ;D The sleepover was really good as well, recalling the night that was filled with seedy guys that kept following us on the dance floor and random guys hitting on Bec ;) I haven't had such a chilled night with the girls in ages so this was a really good opportunity. Plus it was Mandy's, Evelyn's and Bec's first time clubbing ! Hopefully Jessie and I showed them a good time because round 2 is a must !